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Dedicated to helping small and home businesses get the most out of their technology investments. Whether you're planning a new project, upgrading current infrastructure or have a problem with your existing technology, I would like to help.

Web Design

Every business needs a website these days, even a simple one page informational site containing contact information. Modern devices like cell phones and tablets are used by millions of people to browse the web and to find you. Dynamic websites compatible with all devices are no longer too expensive for small and home business. Contact me for more information.


Small business networking: Local Area, Wireless and Virtual Private Networks are technologies that almost any business can benefit from. Whether you're planing a new install, upgrading or having trouble with an existing network, contact me for affordable quality assistance.

Consulting Services

Probably the most over looked and forgotten phase of implementing technology in a small business is the planning and development. Don't let your company fall prey to overspending or common mis-steps like buying more than you need. Hire an experienced professional like myself to audit your systems and make recomendations that will not only suit your needs, but will be able to grow with you.

Support Services

We all know the hassle it can be to get help from the manufacturers or resellers. Hardware companies blame the software, software companies blame the hardware, all the while you're still not getting the results you need from your Information Technology. This is when you call in a pro, someone who can navigate the various vendors and do the troubleshooting and repairs for you.

About Me

Providing small business to business and freelance technology services for over 15 years, I'm here to assist in all your Information Technoogy endeavors. Available for remote and onsite service. $75/hr on site $50/hr remote or prepaid hours

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